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Where is Materuni Waterfall

Materuni Waterfall is actually known as Nambe Waterfall locally, which means ‘first-born’. It has this name as it is the first waterfall that comes from the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro. However, for location purposes, this waterfall is known as Materuni, which is the name of the village it is in. Materuni Village is named after the Materu tribe that is the majority in the village. Anyway, that’s just a backstory on why the official name is not Materuni but it is what you will see on Google Maps pin location below. Just 15 kilometers from Moshi, this waterfall is a great day trip for those staying nearby Mount Kilimanjaro.

Materuni village is in the Uru area and is the home of Chagga people. The village is located in the northern part of Moshi town, only 15 KM from the town center. Materuni village is also the last village before entering the Kilimanjaro national park and sits approximately 1800 M above sea level.

Our guides will provide their huge knowledge about our belosved village. We’re proud to provide our guests with an once in a lifetime experience of culture and nature.

Our team of guides is a group of passionate and ecologically minded local guides who believe in preserving our beautiful Materuni village area and Moshi surroundings .

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Materuni water fall tours include the following activities:
village walks, guided waterfall hikes, coffee tours, Chagga traditional dance demonstrations, local Chagga Foods, banana beer experiences, home stays and camping.

We also offer day hikes to Kilimanjaro and visits to various popular locations such as Kikuletwa Hot springs, Maasai Villages, Marangu Villages, Marangu water fall, Lake Challa, and Makoa animal farm.

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