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Kikuletwa Hot Spring Day Tour

Kikuletwa hot spring is at Rundugai village where you will make lifetime memories and discover the true authentic Tanzanian culture.

Be prepared for many unique stories and experiences that the locals have to share and join us in village adventures you will never forget! The presence of different ethnic groups (Maasai, Pare, Chagga, Kamba, Nyiramba) gives you a chance to experience our village’s cultural wealth. Come and discover all these extraordinary cultures and find out about their daily life and customs. Rundugai Cultural Tourism organises adventurous cultural tours around Rundugai, Chemka, and the Kikuletwa villages which are the gateways to the Kikuletwa Hotsprings also known as Chemka Hot springs surrounding Moshi Town and the Kilimanjaro region (26 km from the Kilimanjaro-International Airport,). Therefore the perfect stopover for a cultural tour before or after a  wildlife safari in  Arusha or a Kilimanjaro mountain-trekking.

Facilities at Kikuletwa Hot springs

There are not a lot of facilities at Chemka Hot Springs, so it is recommended to arrive with your bathing suit on, ready for swimming. You can leave your changing clothes in the car, with your driver. I have been to the ATM just before visiting the hot springs, and my driver kept my backpack with him, making sure that it’s safe.

The changing room is kind of hut without a roof where with gaps between the wooden branches and no flooring. It’s better to change in the car if you have this possibility or wrap a towel around you.

The toilets are very basic, the squatty type, but clean. You do need to bring your own toilet paper.


Prices depend on the size of your group and are as follows:

1 person: 120 USD per person

2 people: 70 USD per person

3 people: 60 USD per person

4- people onwards: 50 USD per person.

Please contact us for different group sizes or groups including children. All our day trips can depart from another starting point, like the airport for example. Prices might be different in this case, so please let us know and we’ll send you the right quote.

What's included:

  • A bottle of water per person (1,5 liters)
  • Entrance fee to the village
  • Private transport from your accommodation in Moshi to Kikuletwa Hot spring and back
  • English speaking guide that will guide you.

This Kikuletwa hot spring  tour, a tip is expected after your participation in a tourist activity. This tip is not included in your package. 

The recommended amount for a tour guide is 25-30 USD per day if you’re satisfied, to be divided by all your group members. As we pay a lot of attention to creating good working conditions for all our crew members and making sure they get paid according to guidelines from organizations that defend their rights, we kindly request you to respect this amount for any trip. Thank you! 

So, not sure what to do in Moshi in the next couple of days? Send us a message and we’ll make sure you have an amazing time!