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Materuni Waterfalls and Coffee Tour

Your guide/driver will pick you up in Moshi around 9 am and drive for 40 minutes to Materuni village.

First on the planning is a visit to the waterfalls. You’ll walk for about 40 minutes over narrow paths through lush vegetation. On a clear day you might see Kilimanjaro, but even if you don’t we’re sure you won’t be disappointed. The scenery is stunning and your guide will give you a first introduction to Chagga culture and habits. There’ll be time to rest at the waterfall, or even a swim if you’re brave enough to face the cold water.

Later on you’ll walk back to the village over a partly different path, which again will take around 40 minutes. You’ll continue your day with a coffee experience. Your guide will explain more about how the coffee beans are grown, dried, roasted etc. But that’s not all! You won’t just get the explanation, but also the opportunity to execute every step by yourself, while the locals are singing and dancing all around.

After all this hard work you deserve a nice lunch, and the local ‘mama’s’ will be more than happy to prepare some of their favorite Chagga dishes for you. Banana stew, pilau or rice and beans are only a few of the options.

Once you’ve finished your meal and coffee it’s time to leave and your guide/driver will take you back to Moshi. 

Duration: +- 5 hours

Driving time: 1.3 hours, return 

How difficult is the  materuni hike?

We’d categorize this hike as a rather easy one. Big parts of it are (almost) flat, and the sections that go uphill are short enough to give you time to breathe in between. A few of them are a bit steep, but this hike can be completed by anyone with a normal physical condition. If for any reason you think you’re unable to complete it, we can arrange for a motorbike or even a car to bring you to about 10-15 minutes from the waterfall.

During or shortly after the rain season the paths can get muddy and slippery. We always recommend to wear decent walking shoes, but especially during this time. 


Prices depend on the size of your group and are as follows:

1 person: 120 USD per person

2 people: 70 USD per person

3 people: 60 USD per person

4- people onwards: 50 USD per person.

Please contact us for different group sizes or groups including children. All our day trips can depart from another starting point, like the airport for example. Prices might be different in this case, so please let us know and we’ll send you the right quote.

What's included:

  • A bottle of water per person (1,5 liters)
  • Entrance fee to the village and waterfall
  • Coffee tour and tasting
  • Chagga lunch
  • Private transport from your accommodation in Moshi to Materuni village and back
  • English speaking guide that will guide you from Materuni village to the waterfall and teach you about Chagga culture

This Materui tour, a tip is expected after your participation in a tourist activity. This tip is not included in your package. The recommended amount for a tour guide is 25-30 USD per day if you’re satisfied, to be divided by all your group members. As we pay a lot of attention to creating good working conditions for all our crew members and making sure they get paid according to guidelines from organizations that defend their rights, we kindly request you to respect this amount for any trip. Thank you! 

So, not sure what to do in Moshi in the next couple of days? Send us a message and we’ll make sure you have an amazing time!