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Best Times to Visit Serengeti National Park

The best times to visit Serengeti National Park are from January to February or from June through September, although you should plan your trip around the movement of The Great Migration.

For example, winter is the best time to see the herd in Southern Serengeti, while the Western Corridor and Northern Serengeti are the best places to spend the summer and autumn months. Most safari operators will have a good idea of where the animals are headed and when, and most will adjust their itineraries based on the herd’s movement.

Temperatures remain relatively constant with daytime highs resting in the 80s. You’ll find cooler weather in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area due to its higher elevation. April and May see the most rainfall, and many lodges and camps close for this slower season.

The Serengeti’s density of wildlife offers a spectacular safari experience no matter what time of the year you visit. The park’s open plains and mild climate mean that vegetation is never too dense to see animals, and the region’s two short rainy seasons (November to December and March to April) are rarely too unpleasant. High or Peak Season low or Green Season about July to October about November to March.

Lowest rates need to book up to a year in advance no need to book so far in advance cool and dry weather hot and occasionally wet weather not many baby animals or migrant birds lots of baby animals and birds around most crowded least crowded. Great photography conditions the best light of the year for photography.